About A Dragon’s Escape

Explore Bath, Bristol, the Cotswolds and beyond

From enchanting valleys to bountiful hills, arresting coastlines, charming villages and remarkable architecture, the regions of Bath, Bristol and the Cotswolds offer some of the best sights and scenery in the United Kingdom.

By helping you plan your city visits, country walks and region tours, A Dragon’s Escape inspires you to explore the wonders of Bath, Bristol, the Cotswolds and beyond. You’ll find travel guides, discovery tours and walking trails to help you plan your escape.

Roman road across the Neuadd Valley with views of ridges and peaks
The Neuadd Valley in the Brecon Beacons

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About Sonia

Hi, I’m Sonia. I love to discover new places and I’m passionate about exploring, travelling and walking. I created A Dragon’s Escape in September 2017 to share my various escapades and my love for the UK and the South West regions.

Sonia from A Dragon's Escape

Although I’ve lived in 4 countries and 8 cities, I always come back to South West England. I’m currently based in the South Cotswolds and I’ve lived in Bath and Bristol.

On weekends, I enjoy escaping to the charming villages, the enchanting countryside and the spectacular scenery of the Cotswolds and the South West region. Through A Dragon’s Escape, I wish to share this corner of paradise with you.

My favourite sight: The rolling Cotswold hills (the Welsh coast is a close second).

My favourite place: Bristol.

My favourite escape: Hiking in the Brecon Beacons.


If you’re also passionate about exploring the Bath, Bristol and Cotswold regions and would like to contribute to A Dragon’s Escape, please send us a message via the Contact form.