6 best beaches near Tenby, Pembrokeshire

If you’re looking for a day out by the sea near Tenby in Pembrokeshire, here is a compilation of the 6 best beaches in and around Tenby. From the charming Castle Beach, nested at the foot of Tenby Castle, to the secluded Monkstone Beach and the popular Saundersfoot Beach, you’ll find your perfect Tenby beach.

Tenby is a medieval town along the coast of Pembrokeshire in South Wales. The quaint town is full of charm as well as tourists. Tenby features imposing medieval stone walls, charming cobbled streets, colourful Victorian town houses, a delightful harbour, beautiful coastal scenery and, most importantly, stunning white sand beaches.

1. Castle Beach
2. South Beach
3. North Beach
4. Monkstone Beach
5. Saundersfoot Beach
6. Amroth Beach

1. Castle Beach in Tenby

Location: Bridge Street, Tenby, SA70 7BP

Castle Beach is the most renowned beach in Tenby. Voted the Sunday Times Beach of the Year 2019, Castle Beach was named the best beach in the whole of Great Britain. Offering striking views of Tenby’s colourful Victorian town houses, St. Catherine’s Island and Pembrokeshire’s coastal scenery, Castle Beach is the most beautiful beach in Tenby.

Castle Beach in Tenby, Pembrokeshire
View of Castle Beach from Tenby Castle

Castle Beach is located in the heart of Tenby at the foot of the ruins of Tenby Castle. You can access the beach via Bridge Street in the old town. The best views of the beach can be enjoyed from Tenby Castle. However, to fully enjoy Castle Beach, you should discover it at low tide when it merges with South Beach and when you can walk over to St. Catherine’s Island. The island fort can be visited and offers lovely views of Tenby.

2. South Beach in Tenby

Location: Battery Road, Tenby, SA70 7EG

Linked to Castle Beach at low tide, South Beach is also located in the centre of Tenby. At low tide, South Beach features a long stretch of white sand and is ideal for walks and beach play. The beach also offers stunning views of Tenby’s colourful town houses and Pembrokeshire‘s gorgeous coast.

South Beach in Tenby, Pembrokeshire
South Beach in Tenby

From the white sands of South Beach, you can only marvel at the tall, rugged cliffs on which Tenby sits, rendering the Victorian town houses even more grandiose. The part of the beach closest to town does tend to get busier, so if you wish to escape most of the crowds, go to the opposite end of town. You can access South Beach from Castle Beach or from Battery road, just outside the old town.

3. North Beach in Tenby

Location: Tenby, SA70 8AP

North Beach is also located in the heart of Tenby. From North Beach, you can equally admire the town, and even more so the glorious coast. Next to the beach is Tenby Harbour, which lends North Beach a romantic feel. At low tide, the beach offers a long stretch of sand and links up with the harbour. North Beach is the most sheltered of the Tenby beaches due to its location in the bay. You can access North Beach from the Croft.

North Beach in Tenby, Pembrokeshire
Tenby Harbour

4. Monkstone Beach

Location: New Hedges, Tenby, SA69 9DL

Monkstone Beach is a true hidden gem. Located a 10-minute drive from Tenby, Monkstone straddles both Tenby Bay and Saundersfoot Bay. The beach enjoys stunning views of both bays as well as glorious views of Tenby and the Pembrokeshire coast. In my opinion, Monkstone Beach is the best beach near Tenby: it is rugged, wild and full of charm.

Monkstone Beach near Tenby in Pembrokeshire
View of Tenby from Monkstone Beach

Monkstone Beach features rocky cliffs, pearly white sand and rock formations perfect for rock-pooling. The only downside to this beach is its difficult access via steep, muddy steps. This does mean the Tenby beach is fairly quiet, which adds to its appeal. You can access Monkstone Beach by parking outside the Trevayne Farm Camping Park and following the path to the coast.

5. Saundersfoot Beach

Location: Saundersfoot, SA69 9NL

A 10-minute drive from Tenby, Saundersfoot is a well-known seaside town. Saundersfoot attracts many beachgoers with its long stretch of golden sand and its delightful views of the coastline. You can access Saundersfoot Beach from The Strand in the village of Saundersfoot.

Saundersfoot Beach near Tenby, Pembrokeshire
View of Saundersfoot Beach (The Beach Guide)

Saundersfoot Harbour lies at one end of the beach and is worth a visit to admire the many boats gracing its waters. During the high season, you might find the Tenby beach a little overcrowded for your taste. If you’re looking for a little peace and quiet, I would recommend Monkstone Beach which is only a 5-minute drive away.

6. Amroth Beach

Location: Amroth, SA 67 8NG

Amroth Beach is further along the coast from Saundersfoot Beach, and the furthest from Tenby (a 20-minute drive). Lesser known than its neighbours, the beach tends to be quieter. Amroth Beach offers the best views of the Pembrokeshire coastline and a lovely expanse of white sand at low tide. The Tenby beach is easily accessible from the seafront road crossing the hamlet of Amroth.

Amroth Beach near Tenby in Pembrokeshire
Amroth Beach (The Beach Guide)

Which beaches would you recommend near Tenby?

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