Best of Clevedon, Somerset: A Victorian coastal escape

Located on the coast of the Bristol Channel, Clevedon is a Victorian seaside town. Clevedon’s key attractions are a striking 19th century pier, arresting Victorian architecture and a peaceful coastal promenade. The seaside town also offers two serene coastal walks with beautiful scenery of both the town and the sea. All in all, Clevedon is the perfect day out by the coast from Bristol or any Somerset town.

Escape to the peaceful coastal promenade

While Clevedon enjoys stunning Victorian streets and townhouses, the heart of the seaside town is along Clevedon Promenade. Boasting spectacular views of Clevedon Bay, Clevedon Beach, Clevedon Pier and the Bristol Channel, the promenade offers the perfect coastal escape.

View Clevedon Pier
Clevedon Pier

The highlight of the promenade, and the seaside town, is Clevedon Pier. Opened in 1869, the Victorian pier enchants with its striking iron architecture and sense of adventure. Offering, when it first opened, the quickest route to South Wales, then later on, boat excursions to the Bristol Channel, the 19th century pier fell into disrepair and collapsed in 1970. After lengthy restorations, Clevedon Pier can now be enjoyed by visitors and locals alike. For more information, visit

From Clevedon Promenade, you can enjoy stunning walks along the coast. The aptly named Poet’s walk takes you past Clevedon Beach, the Marine lake, the castle-like tower of the Sugar Lookout and the medieval St Andrews’ Church to Wain’s Hill. Throughout this Clevedon walk, and especially from the Wain’s hill, you can admire splendid scenery of the dramatic coast from Clevedon to Sand Point, including Clevedon Pier, Clevedon Bay, the Bristol Channel, South Wales and the Somerset Levels.

View of Clevedon from Poets Walk
Views from the Poet’s Walk

Heading in the opposite direction, the Lovers’ walk leads you to the secluded cove of Ladye Bay. The pebbled beach, along with Clevedon Beach, is best enjoyed at high tide and is the perfect sunset spot. Both Clevedon walks start from the promenade and feature well-maintained paths. Although usually busy, the coastal walks still infuse serenity.

Enjoy Clevedon’s arresting Victorian architecture

While the pier and the promenade are the town’s main attractions, Clevedon also enjoys arresting Victorian architecture. Best admired on foot, the town streets boast an array of stunning townhouses in the typical Bath stone. You can easily get lost in the maze of streets and in the majesty of the architecture.

Victorian architecture in Clevedon
Victorian townhouses

The seaside town enjoys two social hubs. Featuring delightful independent shops and cute cafés, Hill Road is closest to the promenade and the pier. From the quaint high street, you can almost taste the fresh sea air. Clevedon’s second high street is further inland on the aptly name street The Triangle and is a bustling hub.

On The Triangle, you can admire the remarkable Clevedon clock tower, a Victorian tower with a tall octagonal spire and surrounded by passing traffic. Along the high street, you can also spot the Curzon cinema, one of the oldest operating cinemas in the UK. Opened in 1912, the Curzon cinema boasts a retro look and enjoys daily screenings as well as guided tours. Find out more at

Shops on Hill Road in Clevedon
Shops on Hill Road

How to get to Clevedon

By car

Clevedon is easily accessible from Bath, Bristol, Somerset and the rest of the UK. The seaside town is located along the M5 motorway (off junction 20). From Bristol, you can also drive across the beautiful Somerset countryside by taking Clevedon Road (B3130). You can park for free in most of Clevedon’s streets. However, along both high streets and the promenade, you might find a time limit on parking. I would recommend parking on the residential streets.

By bus

There are regular buses from Bristol, Weston-Super-Mare and Portishead to Clevedon. Most bus services will stop at The Triangle. Then, it is only a short walk to the waterfront.

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Medieval lane and quaint cottages of Vicar's Close in Wells
Vicars’ Close in Wells

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