Near Bath: The Dyrham to Doyton walk in the Cotswolds

Exploring one of the many rolling Cotswold valleys near Bath, the walk from Dyrham to Doyton leads you along national trails, through enchanting woodland, verdant fields and quaint villages, and over cute streams. This circular walk enjoys lovely views of the lush valley and surrounding Cotswold hills.

The Dyrham to Doyton walk starts from the small village of Dyrham and first follows the Cotswold Way southwards through Dyrham Woods. The walk then cuts across green fields towards the village of Doyton before heading back north via the Monarch’s Way. Don’t forget your picnic; the many fields you cross during the walk are perfect picnic spots.

Location: Dyrham, South Gloucestershire

Walk difficulty: Intermediate

Time: 3 to 3 ½ hours

Distance: 7.5 miles (11.2 km)

From Dyrham village to Dyrham Wood: Strolling along the Cotswold Way

You can start the Dyrham to Doyton walk from Dyrham village or from Dyrham Park. You can park for free in the streets of Dyrham or for a fee in the National Trust car park at Dyrham Park. Alternatively, you can also start the walk from Doyton. I started the circular walk from the small village of Dyrham, located a 20-minute drive from Bath. Comprising only three streets, this Cotswold village is full of quaint cottages in the golden Cotswold stone.

Quaint cottage in the village of Dyrham
Quaint cottage in Dyrham

Regardless of where you start the walk, you should take the time to visit Dyrham Park. One of the many grand English country estates, Dyrham Park features a striking 17th century baroque house, a lovely garden and an impressive deer park. The park also enjoys lovely views of the Cotswold hills.

From the village of Dyrham, you pick up the Cotswold Way trail and follow the signposts. The trail is a little overgrown at times, so beware of nettles and thorns. The walk first skims the border of flourishing fields, slowly ascending a hill. As you walk up the hill, you start catching glimpses of the lovely Cotswold valley and hills. The walk then reaches the ancient woodland of Dyrham. The path here gets even steeper, but the walk through the woods is refreshing if a little breathtaking.

Hay field with views of the Cotswold valley during the Dyrham to Doyton walk
Hay field along the Cotswold Way

From Dyrham Wood to Doyton: Enjoying striking views of the Cotswold valley and hills

Shortly after leaving the woods and steep path behind you, you will come to a road which you need to cross. Please be careful when crossing the road, it can be busy at times. The walk then continues along the Cotswold Way through further green fields and along a quiet road to the hamlet of Pennsylvania.

From there, you leave the Cotswold Way and make your way back to the busy road you just crossed via a different path. After crossing the road once more, you start enjoying dazzling views of the Cotswold hills and valley, the village of Doyton (where you’re heading) and as far as Bristol.

Cotswold countryside views during the Dyrham to Doyton walk
Splendid views of the Cotswold valley

When crossing the first field after the road, be sure to aim to the left of the small trees you should spot straight ahead of you. From there, the walk crosses several more fields, descending into the valley and towards Doyton. You will then spot a farm on the outskirts of the last field before finally reaching the streets of Doyton.

From Doyton back to Dyrham: Discovering the Monarch’s Way

Doyton enjoys a few charming cottages, but most are newer builds and thus ordinary. From Doyton, the walk picks up the Monarch’s Way trail. You can reach the trail through the courtyard of the village church or via High Street. From there, you can follow the signs affixed to gates and posts for the Monarch’s Way.

In the heart of the valley, the Monarch’s Way leads you through corn and cattle fields, along a cute stream and, for a short stretch, along a country lane. After crossing a dense hedge following a lengthy cattle field, on your right, you reach a tiny bridge over a stream which you must cross.

Verdant field along the Monarch's Way during the Dyrham to Doyton walk
Verdant field along the Monarch’s Way

Leaving the Monarch’s Way behind, you then cut across fields back to the village of Dyrham. From these fields, you can enjoy further lovely views of the surrounding Cotswold hills. You then reach the village streets of Dyrham where the walk started.

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Notes on the Dyrham to Doyton walk instructions

The map shown on the walk instructions is inaccurate. The walk is actually completed clockwise from Dyrham via the Cotswold Way to Doyton and then back via the Monarch’s Way. The walk also does not follow the busy road but crosses it and continues on to Pennsylvania.

If you start the walk from Dryham village, ignore step 1 of the walk instructions. Instead walk up Sands Hill road until you reach the signposted Cotswold Way on your right.

From Dyrham village (step 2) to Pennsylvania (step 4), you can follow the signposts for the Cotswold Way. From Doyton (step 7) to the small bridge (step 8), you can follow the signs for the Monarch’s Way.

At step 9, once you’ve left the Monarch’s Way and crossed the small bridge, follow the hedge on your right across three fields. In the fourth field, turn right into the neighbouring field then immediately left into the next field. From there, aim straight ahead to a small opening in the hedge. In the next field, aim for the far right corner and another opening in the hedge which leads to the road.

Dyrham to Doyton walk details

Location: Dyrham, South Gloucestershire

Difficulty: Intermediate

Time: 3 to 3 ½ hours

Distance: 7.5 miles (11.2 km)

Ascent: Somewhat steep

Itinerary: A walk with views of Dyrham and Doynton, Gloucestershire

Trail condition: Good, but the trail can get muddy in wet weather.

Accessibility: Not suitable for pushchairs, wheelchairs or bikes.

Parking: Dyrham village streets or Dyrham Park car park

Facilities: Toilets and refreshments in Dyrham Park and Doyton

Notes: Please be mindful of livestock and keep your dogs on a lead.

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