Walk in the Cotswolds: Hidden valleys in Bisley-with-Lypiatt

The Bisley-with-Lypiatt walk presents the best the Cotswolds have to offer, from hidden valleys to bountiful hills and breathtaking views. Starting at the quaint village of Bisley, this Cotswold walk is rich and varied, leading you through verdant fields and lush woods, across enchanting valleys and along dazzling country lanes. Located near Stroud, the Bisley-with-Lypiatt walk also enjoys splendid scenery of the Cotswolds, reaching as far as the Bristol Channel and South Wales. This country walk includes steep ascents and descents.

Location: Bisley, Gloucestershire

Hike difficulty: Challenging

Time: 3 to 3 ½ hours

Distance: 6 miles (9.7 km)

Captivating woodland and splendid scenery

The Bisley-with-Lypiatt walk starts at the Bear Inn in Bisley and first leads you along the town’s less charming streets. Bisley is a peaceful town and usually quieter than other Cotswold villages. The market town features a plethora of picturesque Cotswold cottages, along with look-alike 1970s houses.

Country path and a quaint gate in Bisley
Walking along a country path

This Cotswold walk follows the Wysis Way and takes you along a lovely country lane bordering a verdant field and into a lush meadow. You then start the steep descent down a serene forest path into a wooded valley. When you reach the bottom of the valley, this country walk follows a delightful lane through woodland, before entering the depths of the forest and starting the steep and muddy ascent up the other flank of the valley.

Forest path on the Bisley walk
Strolling along a woodland path

As you walk along the forest path, you can enjoy striking views of the enchanting valley dotted with green fields, farms and woodland. This Cotswold walk then continues along a country road, before taking you across several lush fields. From there, you can enjoy fantastic views of the Slad valley, the Cotswold Hills, the Bristol Channel and South Wales.

Hidden valleys and quaint cottages

The Bisley-with-Lypiatt walk continues across verdant fields before reaching a farm where llamas graze the day away. You then follow a country road and enjoy further splendid views of the Cotswold valleys and hills. You then walk through further lush fields and verdant woodland, crossing delightful streams and discovering new hidden valleys. Along the way, you spot quaint cottages and farms dotted across the enchanting valleys.

Views of the Slad valley on the Bisley walk
Views of the Slad valley

This Cotswold walk then leads you along country roads back to the picturesque streets of Bisley. Taking you through the old part of town, this country walk lets you discover the quaint, tranquil streets and lanes of Bisley. Walking down Well Road, High Street, Church Hill and George Street, you can only marvel at the rows upon rows of chocolate-box Cotswold cottages.

Quaint row of cottages in Bisley
Quaint row of cottages in Bisley

Find the walk itinerary: strollinginstrouddistrict.org (pdf file)

Download the walk GPX file: Bisley-with-Lypiatt walk on outdooractive.com

Notes on the Bisley-with-Lypiatt walk itinerary

I found the instructions for the Bisley-with-Lypiatt walk (pdf file) needed to be followed closely and carefully, and sometimes missed key indications and landmarks. Here are my notes and suggestions:

  • First paragraph: When you walk through the residential area, follow the lane, keeping to the right, then follow the street. At the street junction, turn right and at following junction, you’ve reached the main road.
  • Second paragraph: When the itinerary indicates to follow the main woodland path, keep walking straight ahead. After the bend in the path, veer left uphill at the fork and you’ll reach the country road.
  • Third paragraph: When you reach the farm-house, follow the footpath signs and tracks around the house to the tarmac path. Do not cross the house garden.
  • Fourth paragraph: In the second field you cross, there is no fence line to follow. Instead continue straight ahead across the field, following the trodden path to the next stile leading to the woods.
Valley views on the Bisley walk
Walking across a hidden valley

The Bisley-with-Lypiatt walk details

Location: Bisley, Gloucestershire

Difficulty: Challenging

Time: Approximately 3 to 3 ½ hours with regular stops

Distance: 6 miles (9.7 km)

Ascent: Steep

Trail condition: Loose pebblestone surface in places. The trail can get muddy in wet weather

Accessibility: Not suitable for pushchairs, wheelchairs or bikes

Parking: Streets of Bisley, near the Bear Inn (GL6 7BD)

Facilities: Toilets, shops and pubs in Bisley

Notes: Please be mindful of livestock and keep your dogs on a lead. Please beware of oncoming vehicles when walking on roads.

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A bench with views of the Cotswold Hills and Stroud on Selsley Common
Cotswold views from Selsley Common

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