Walk in the Cotswolds: Alderley & Tresham

Located near Wotton-under-Edge, the Alderley & Tresham walk explores two enchanting valleys and enjoys stunning views of the Cotswold Hills. This country walk starts at the quaint village of Alderley and takes you across rolling fields to the hamlet of Tresham. From there, this circular walk leads you along charming country lanes and across verdant fields back to Alderley. This easy walk follows parts of both the Cotswold Way and the Monarch’s Way. You can start this walk at either Alderley or Tresham.

Location: Alderley, Gloucestershire

Walk difficulty: Easy

Time: 1 ½ to 2 hours

Distance: 4 miles (6.4 km)

The quaint village of Alderley and the grand Alderley Farm

Starting at the Cotswold village of Alderley, this country walk first leads you along the village streets. Forming a triangle of roads lined with quaint cottages, Alderley seems frozen in time. Tucked away behind the 15th century St Kenelm Church, Alderley House is an impressive Tudor-style manor and one of the village’s key sights. Used as a school in the 20th century, the house was converted back to a private dwelling in 2009.

Typical Cotswold cottage in Alderley
Cotswold cottage in Alderley

Leaving the village behind, you briefly follow the Cotswold Way which leads you along a woodland path. You then cross several rolling fields at the bottom of an enchanting valley. There, you can spot the grand house of Alderley Farm, a 17th century mansion refurbished in 2010. You can also enjoy the lovely scenery of the surrounding Cotswold countryside.

The hamlet of Tresham and charming country views

The Alderley to Tresham walk then takes you up a steep path through woodland and across further fields. As you hike the hill, you can enjoy stunning views of the surrounding Cotswold Hills, and in the distance, the Frome Valley and the Severn Vale.

Views of the Cotswold Hills, the Frome valley and the Severn Vale near Tresham
Views of the Cotswold Hills

You then reach the farming hamlet of Tresham. Comprising one main street, Tresham boasts lovely Cotswold cottages, a 19th century Norman church known as Tresham Church or the Chapel of Ease and breathtaking scenery of the valley.

From Tresham, you follow the Monarch’s Way across an enchanting valley and rolling fields. Strolling across the peaceful valley, you’ll feel cut off from the rest of the world. This circular walk then follows the Cotswold Way along country lanes and through woodland back to the village of Alderley. Along the way, you can admire charming views of the surrounding hills and valleys.

Views of the Cotswold Hills near Alderley
Walking along the Cotswold Way

Alderley & Tresham walk instructions

1. From the Cotswold Way in Alderley, walk along the road following the signposts for the Cotswold Way towards Wotton-under-Edge. At the junction, cross the road and veer left along a woodland path, following the signpost for the Cotswold Way.

2. Leaving the Cotswold Way behind, turn right and go through the kissing gate into a field. Cross the field diagonally, following the man-made path. Go through the next kissing gate and continue straight ahead. At the signpost, veer right towards the road and continue along the road and over the cattle grid.

3. When the road bends left, go through the kissing gate straight ahead into a field. Continue straight ahead up the hill, aiming to the right of a water trough and to the left of two lone trees. After the signpost, veer right across the hillside and towards a large wooden gate.

4. At the next signpost, turn left towards a small wooden gate. Go through the gate into the woods and follow the uphill path, keeping the fence to your right. Go through the orchard, cross over the stile into a field and veer slightly left up the hill, keeping the line of trees to your left.

Views of the Cotswold village of Tresham from the Monarch's Way
Views of Tresham

5. At the top of the field, turn left, go through a gate and veer right along a steep path through the trees, keeping the fence to your right. Continue diagonally across the field, aiming for the steps and the stile. Cross over the stile and continue straight ahead across the field.

6. Cross over the stile to the right of the barn, cross the road and continue straight ahead to the next stile. Cross over the stile and turn left onto the country road. Before the road bends sharply right, take the downhill path on your right, following the signposts for the Monarch’s Way.

7. Following the signposts, go through the gate and keep to the pebbled lane. Go through the next two gates into fields and continue along the lane, then go through the following gate onto a country lane. Following the signposts for the Cotswold Way, turn right, go through the gate and continue along a woodland path.

8. Go through the gate and continue along the lane, then go through the next gate and continue straight ahead across the field, keeping the shrubs to your left. Go through the following three gates and continue along the lane, then go through another gate onto a road and turn right at the intersection and right again at the next intersection.

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Alderley & Tresham walk details

Location: Alderley, Gloucestershire

Walk difficulty: Easy

Time: 1 ½ to 2 hours

Distance: 4 miles (6.4 km)

Ascent: Somewhat steep

Trail condition: Good, but the trail can get muddy in wet weather

Accessibility: Not suitable for pushchairs, wheelchairs or bikes

Parking: Cotswold Way in Alderley (GL12 7QT)

Facilities: Closest toilets, shops and pubs in Wotton-under-Edge and Hawkesbury Upton

Notes: Please be mindful of livestock and keep your dogs on a lead

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Cotswold views from Tor Hill in Wotton-under-Edge
Views from Tor Hill

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