Walk in the Cotswolds: The enchanting valleys of Ozleworth & Lasborough

The Ozleworth and Lasborough valleys offer a peaceful walk across enchanting vales and through captivating woodland. Both valleys are among the most quaint and secluded vales in the Cotswolds. As a result, the Ozleworth and Lasborough valley walk is one of the most charming walks in the Cotswolds, and is a true hidden gem. At every step of the walk, you’ll be awestruck by the serene and picturesque rolling hills and the captivating woodland.

This Cotswold walk starts from the chocolate-box hamlet of Ozleworth near Wotton-under-Edge. The Ozleworth and Lasborough valley walk first explores the verdant Ozleworth Park before leading you across the quiet Bagpath valley. This circular walk then takes you through the peaceful Lasborough Park and across the wooded Ozleworth Bottom.

Location: Ozleworth, Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire

Walk difficulty: Intermediate

Time: 3 – 3 ½ hours

Distance: 6 miles (9.7 km)

The quaint Ozleworth Park and the secluded Bagpath valley

The Ozleworth and Lasborough valley walk begins at the charming hamlet of Ozleworth. You can park in the lay-by on Blacksmith Hill, just outside the northern gate to Ozleworth Park (GL12 7QA). Featuring picturesque cottages, the hamlet is an otherworldly marvel.

Note: Since most of the park is private, you must keep to the signposted paths.

Exploring the peaceful valleys of Ozleworth and Lasborough on the guided walk by A Dragon's Escape
The quaint Ozleworth Park

As you stroll through Ozleworth Park along the waymarked trails, you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. The intricate cottages in the typical golden Cotswold stone are a delight to admire. The lined trees and delightful paths are a wonder to discover. As you stroll deeper into the park and leave your worries behind, the Cotswold scenery enchants at every twist and turn.

In the park, you’ll spot Ozleworth Mansion, an 18th century stately home. This impressive manor has a sharply defined architecture with Greek columns and stands out against its surroundings. You can also make a quick detour to visit the 12th century church of St Nicholas of Myra (just follow the signposts). This striking Norman church boasts an irregular hexagonal tower and an ancient circular churchyard.

The secluded valley of Bagpath on the Ozleworth and Lasborough walk
The secluded Bagpath valley

The Cotswold walk leads you through Ozleworth Park to the bottom of the valley. From there, you follow a delightful stream across Bagpath valley. Surrounded by lush forest, as you walk across the vale to the sounds of a bubbling brook and pheasants calling, you’re enthralled by the verdant and peaceful valley. However, as you walk up the hill to the hamlet of Bagpath, you find yourself disappointed at being brought back to civilisation.

The enchanting Lasborough Park

The hamlet of Bagpath features a quaint collection of lovely country cottages. The Ozleworth and Lasborough valley walk takes you through Bagpath and then takes you along a country road and across open fields to the hamlet of Newington Bagpath. After enjoying the closeness of the valley, crossing open fields leaves you feeling exposed.

From Newington Bagpath, you cross into the valley of Lasborough. You first walk past the derelict St Bartholomew’s church and a Norman motte and bailey castle. As you walk through lush green fields, you’re greeted by stunning views of Lasborough Park. Nested in a peaceful and charming valley, Lasborough Park is a sight for sore eyes.

The Lasborough Park and the Lasborough Farm in the Cotswolds
The Lasborough Park

In the heart of the valley stands Lasborough Farm, a medieval manor house surrounded by delightful parkland. The valley of Lasborough is the most open of the three valleys you visit on the walk. With sheep grazing and lovely trees dotted around the landscape, Lasborough Park offers the most idyllic and picture-perfect scenery.

As you round a corner, you glimpse Lasborough House and the picture is complete. Lasborough House is an impressive 18th century manor with towers and merlons giving it a medieval castle feel. The Cotswold walk then drops to the bottom of the valley and continues past the house, across fields and towards woodland.

The peaceful Ozleworth Bottom

The last part of the Ozleworth and Lasborough valley walk leads you through charming woodland. Leaving the Lasborough valley behind, you enter a world filled with lush trees, earthy colours, gleaming lakes and bubbling waters.

Colourful trees and a gleaming lake in Ozleworth Bottom in the Cotswolds
The wooded valley of Ozleworth Bottom

You first follow a delightful stream to the heart of the forest. Here, the woods are peaceful, enchanting and otherworldly. The woodland paths can also get very muddy, especially after wet weather. You then suddenly emerge from the depth of the forest into a clearing with a large boggy lake. Circling round the lake, you enter Ozleworth Bottom, a verdant clearing hugged by lush trees on either side.

Note: The Ozleworth Estate has been tree felling since autumn 2020 due to the ash trees being infected with ash dieback. As a result, the main woodland trail is muddy and unpleasant. I have updated the walk itinerary to avoid the main trail.

The circular walk then takes you back up the hill along wooded avenues to the hamlet of Ozleworth. From there, you can enjoy lovely views of the Ozleworth valley. You can also catch a glimpse of the grand Ozleworth Mansion one last time. As you leave Ozleworth Park, you can only feel sad at leaving such an enchanting and magical place behind. You’ll be back.

The Ozleworth & Lasborough valley walk itinerary (with map)

1. When facing the northern entrance to Ozleworth Park, take the ‘Church bridle path’ to the left of the pillared entrance. Go through the gate and follow the small path. Turn left onto the tarmac road, following the signs for the ‘Church bridle path’. Turn left at the following junction and turn left again onto the tarmac road.

2. At the junction, continue straight ahead following the path downhill. Veer right towards the cattle grid. Follow the windy pebbled path to the bottom of the valley. Cross over the brook, and immediately after, go through the gate on your left. Cross the field, keeping the brook to your left.

3. At the end of the field, follow the pebbled path and go through the gate to your right (do not cross over the brook). Continue straight ahead along the grassy path across the field, keeping the fence and the brook to your left. Go through another gate and continue uphill following the man-made path.

4. Before you reach the houses and as you reach the clusters of trees on your left, turn right aiming for the stile. Cross over the stile and continue straight ahead, keeping to the left of the tall trees. Turn left at the electric pylon and aim for the left of the cluster of houses. When you reach the house fence, veer left towards the pebbled road.

5. Walk along the pebbled road to the gate and cross the stile to the left of the gate. Continue straight ahead, up the country road. Turn right at the junction, then left at the footpath sign. Cross over the stile into the field and cross the field, keeping the stone wall to your right.

6. Go into the second field (there is no gate) and follow the footpath signs, crossing the field diagonally. Cross the stile over the stone wall directly in front of you and to the left of the footpath sign (do not follow the sign).

7. Cross the field aiming for the bottom right corner and go through the opening in the fence, turning right onto the road. After the church, turn right following the footpath sign. Go through the gate and aim for the right of the motte. Go round the motte and keep the fence and stone wall to your right.

Quaint cottages in the Lasborough valley in the Cotswolds
The Lasborough valley

8. Go through the gate and veer right uphill and to the right of the trees. Follow the fence on your right. When you reach the forest on your right, veer left, going downhill, and aim for the left of the manor house (known as Lasborough House). Cross the country road and aim for the first iron fence to the left of the manor house. Cross the iron fence.

9. Continue straight ahead downhill and aim for the bottom left corner of the field, keeping the brook, pond and then forest to your left. Go through the gate into the woods. Follow the woodland path straight ahead and keep the brook (dry in summer) to your left. Continue past the lake (dry in summer) on your right and continue straight ahead, keeping the brook to your right now.

10. Continue straight ahead and keep to the path at the bottom of the valley. Cross the brook (there is an overgrown and slippery bridge to the right if need be). Follow the path and cross the brook twice more. Continue straight ahead, keeping the brook and then boggy lake (dry in summer) to your left.

11. At the end of the lake, veer right towards the woodland path. Turn left onto the uphill woodland path, then turn right and continue straight ahead. Turn right onto the road and continue to the junction and southern gate to Ozleworth Park. To the left of the gate, press the button to open the gate, pass through the gate and follow the uphill country road.

12. At the cattle grid, go through the gate to your left following the ‘Bridle path’ signpost (do not cross the cattle grid). Continue straight ahead across the field, aiming for the gate with the wooden sign ‘Bridle path’ to your right. Go through the gate onto the country road.

13. Turn left onto the country road, then immediately right onto another road, following the signpost. Take the uphill path to your left and go through the gate. You’re back at the northern entrance to Ozleworth Park.

Download the walk itinerary PDFOzleworth and Lasborough valley walk by adragonsescape.com

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Ozleworth and Lasborough valley walk details

Location: Ozleworth, Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire

Walk difficulty: Intermediate

Time: 3 – 3 ½ hours

Distance: 6 miles (9.7 km)

Ascent: Steep

Trail condition: Good, but muddy  and overgrown in the heart of the woods

Accessibility: Not suitable for pushchairs, wheelchairs or bikes

Parking: Lay-by on Blacksmith Hill in Ozleworth (GL12 7QA)

Facilities: Closest toilets, shops and pubs in Wotton-under-Edge

Notes: Please be mindful of livestock and keep your dogs on a lead

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A bench with views of the Cotswold Hills and Stroud on Selsley Common
A bench with a view on Selsley Common

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